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Only the Table Header is being displayed


I am having some trouble getting the datatables to display on my site.

I have a Java web application using JSP, Tomcat8, Java1.8 and Spring4 MVC.  I have tried to integrate datatables into it also, but I'm having some trouble.  I don't use Maven, but I'm pretty sure I have all the correct Jar files in my class path.  They include:


I have also downloaded the latest version of DataTables 1.10.11 and have imported it into my JSP.

I have used dandelion-datatables 0.9.3 previously and thought it was great.  I don't want to use the dandelion asset management for my system, just the datatables if that is possible.

During testing I have got it far enough that it fails to find the locale text for the titleKey attributes and outputs this in the log file.  When I replace these with title attributes instead, then then the header of the table is rendered with no styling and that's it.  There is no body of the table rendered at all.

Any help with this is really appreciated.