[NEWS] Dandelion-Datatables v0.8.4 has been released

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[NEWS] Dandelion-Datatables v0.8.4 has been released

Thibault Duchateau
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Hi all!

Romain and I are happy to announce the new release of Dandelion-Datatables.
As we already told you in the migration guide, Dandelion-Datatables is a continuation of the previous DataTables4j project.

Lots of renaming/refactoring have been done, some structure simplifications and we also tried to embed a few bug fixes. You can see the changelog here.

At the moment, the Dandelion core is still not released but you do can use Dandelion-Datatables as a standalone library, as you have already done with DataTables4j.

We'll keep you posted when the core is released and the new features that it brings to you.

Romain and Thibault