Dandelion datatables not working with websphere 8.5

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Dandelion datatables not working with websphere 8.5

I have deployed a Spring(4.2.5) MVC based web application with a jsp page with datatables. The page gets rendered fine in Websphere Liberty The same application just renders the headers alone in websphere application server 8.5. Dandelion alerts warning is displayed but doesnt give much information. No dandelion related exceptions can be traced from the logs. Can you please help?

Following are the application specific details
=> the version of Dandelion- 1.11.0
=> the template engine you're using : JSP 
=> the app server : Websphere Liberty Server( Servlet - 3.0
                            Websphere Application Server(

=> the web browser you're using: Chrome, Firefox, IE
=> a code snippet from the jsp

<datatables:table id="testDandelionTable" cssClass="table table-bordered"
                  url="/test/list" serverSide="true" dom="t">
    <datatables:column title="" cssCellStyle="text-align:center"/>
    <datatables:column title="No" property="value"/>

    <datatables:column title="first" cssClass="col-lg-1 control-label mandatoryLabel-after"

    <datatables:column title="Col2" property="second"/>
    <datatables:column title="Col3" property="third"
    <datatables:column title="Col4" property="fourth"
                       cssCellStyle="text-align:center" filterable="false"
    <datatables:column title="Col5" property="fifth"
                       cssCellStyle="text-align:center" filterable="false"

Attached are the response from Liberty and WAS.

=> link to the data generated by the DataTables debugger
Liberty: http://debug.datatables.net/esanon
WAS: Gets the message DataTables is not available on this page

Page when deployed in Websphere Application Server
Page when deployed in Websphere Liberty